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ALANYA - The pearl of Turkish Riviera

Alanya is a fast growing town about 135 km east of Antalya. It is located on a peninsula which is bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Quite often called the pearl of Turkish Riviera, Alanya has become well-known worldwide because of its sandy, clean beaches, the crystal clear deep blue waters and the excellent climate of the Mediterranean area. 

The history of Alanya

The history of Alanya dates back to the antiquity. The first settlement in Alanya dates back to late Paleolithic age 20 000 years ago. In the antique era Alanya was situated between the boundaries of Pamfilya and Kilikya. The first historical name of Alanya is Coracesium, which was mentioned in the 4th century BC by geographer Skylaks. At that time this region was under the invasion of the Persians. After some time the city became an important center for the Mediterranean pirates and got strong enough to resist the Roman navy and became a base of the frightening pirate of the Mediterranean - Diodotus Tryphon. Although the Seleucid king of the Syrian region VII Antiochus conquered the city in 137 BC, Coracesium continued to be a home for the pirates.Diodotus Tryphon. Although the Seleucid king of the Syrian region VII Antiochus conquered the city in 137 BC, Coracesium continued to be a home for the pirates. 

In 65 BC the city became a part of the Rome after naval attack by the Roman Commander Magnus Pompelus. Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt, met Mark Anthony, Roman Commander of Cilicia Region, and fell in love. They got married in Coracesium in 32 BC and Mark Anthony gave the town to Cleopatra as a wedding gift. 

Following the collapse of Rome, the city went through the Byzantium era and had a new name Kalonoros, given by the sailors, which meant Beautiful Mountain

In the 7th century the city resisted the Arabian invasion by strengthening its walls. When the crusaders conquered Istanbul and established the Latin Empire instead of the Byzantium in 1204, one of the feudal lords, Kyr Vart, who benefited from the lack of authority in Anatolia, took the control of Kalonoros. In 1221, the Selcuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat seized the control of the city. Alaaddin Keykubat got married to Kir Fard's daughter and had the city reconstructed. Building projects, including the twin citadel, city walls, arsenal, and Kizil Kule, made it an important seaport for western Mediterranean trade. Alaaddin Keykubat also constructed numerous gardens and pavilions outside the walls, and many of his works can still be found in the city. Selcuk rule the golden age of the city, and it became the winter capital of their empire. Alaaddin Keykubat gave the name Alayie to the city after his own name. 


Alaiye, which had its most brilliant era during the reign of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, began to be controlled by Karamanids dynasty after the collapse of the Selcuk State in 1293. They made Alaiye a part of Memluk State in Egypt in 1427 in return of 5 000 golds. Alaiye was made a part of the Ottoman Empire in 1471 by Gedik Ahmet Pasha who was one of the commanders of the Conqueror Fatih. In 1571 the Ottomans designated the city as part of the newly conquered province of Cyprus. The city was reassigned in 1864 under Konya and in 1868 it became a part of Antalya and in 1871 an official administrative part of Antalya. 

The city was given the name Alanya in 1935 with the suggestion of the founder of The Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Alanya was an agricultural city, depending on the production of citrus fruits and bananas in the first half of the 20th century, whereas it became a center of national tourism activities based on health due to the refreshing air of Damlatas Cave in 1950s. 

The tourist movement of the city gained an international dimension, improving at a great pace with the help of its historical background and natural beauties. Today, Alanya is one of the biggest tourist centers of the Mediterranean with its capacity over 100 thousand beds used for tourists. 

The most remarkable characteristic of Alanya is that the city center has become a huge holiday resort where all kinds of services and goods are available. There are lots of options as for accommodation facilities, places for entertainment and shopping centers and its vast beaches are here at your service without any payments, ensuring the quality of the International Blue Flag.

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