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Buying property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey

Bostäder i Turkiet

Make your purchase through a broker at Summer Home.

The easiest way to make a successful purchase is that you are buying from a well established broker who speaks "your language" and who can guide you through each step of the buying process.
Before you head out in search of a property in Turkey , we recommend you to plan carefully before.
This saves you time and it will help you to avoid some problemtraps.
Buying a property for foreigners in Turkey is a simple process.
There are many who buy a property in Turkey but many also purchase in order to make a clean investment.
Reasons to buy can be many and vary, but when the time comes, it is important that you as a potential buyer of a property in Turkey understand the procedures and the process that is around.

Buying a property in a foreign country can be problematic if not done right the first time.
Start by doing research. Many questions arise and many decisions must be taken when buying property abroad.
Look through our various projects to get an idea of which properties, advantages and disadvantages are, and compare price differences between the projects. Then it's time that you look over what combination of location, property type and price that's best suited for you.
It is not only important that you choose a reputable and professional real estate, but equally important is that you look at the construction company behind the dwelling.

We at Summer Home chooses with great care and accuracy out which items we present and communicate to our customers.


Although you will find information and pictures on our website so it can not be compared to going on a viewing-trip and see your dream home with your own eyes.
We offer personalized guided tours especially designed for your needs .
To learn more about our inspection trips , please click here.


Organize your finances

If you are planning to buy a home while you are in Turkey , we recommend you to check your financial status before you arrive .
Whether you plan to visit Turkey to buy or just to research , you must know how your financial situation is .
Buying a ready home or a home that is under construction stage does rule different in payment options.
A general rule is that the terms of payment and the purchase price go hand in hand .

Generally it is not necessary to have access to large sums of cash. In most cases, it works to make the payment by bank transfer after you have put a cash deposit to secure your purchase . But if you are expecting to have access to your purchase amount during your visit , then check with your bank before you travel, how long it takes to release your funds from your account and make a possible transfer to Turkey , belonging beyond what is required the bank to help you with this .
If you are looking to make your purchase with a loan, we recommend that you discuss this with your credit issuer and ask for a written confirmation of the amount you can loan and the timeframe within which the amount can be distributed.

It is also possible to take out a loan in a Turkish bank, we are working with one of Turkey's leading banks; Deniz Bank .


Buying Property in Turkey

Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Turkey with the following points:

  • The property must have a title deed ( Tapu ) which is registered on the title deed office.

  • This property must be within an acceptable range .

  • The property is not located within millitary ground .

  • The land may not belong to forest management .


As a foreigner you have to belong to any of the nationalities that have reciprocal rights to buy.

The purchase process

The purchase process in Turkey is very similar to that in many other European countries are using .
A deposit is paid due upon contract signing and final payment is given in connection with the transfer of title deeds.

The contract

When you have decided to go ahead with the purchase of your dream home , a purchase agreement will be established and a security deposit to be paid .
Once all parties have signed the contract and the payment of the deposit is made , the contract becomes binding .
Deposit amount varies from property to property , but as a general rule, you put a deposit of up to 10 % of the purchase price.
If you later on want to pull out of the contract you will lose the deposit, but if the seller would withdraw from the agreement , you are entitled to a refund of the deposit you put , a penalty clause applies in such an event .
We help you to go through the terms of the contract before the contract is signed.

The use of power of attorney

The easiest and most convenient way for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey is to provide the standard power of attorney by a Notary Public.
With your approval, your trustee sign the purchase contract , and act on behalf of you to complete the process .
This means that you yourself do not have to be in Turkey the whole time to complete the various stages around the sales process.
If a house is purchased in several people's names all need buyers attend alternative proxy .


Upon completion , both the buyer and seller (or its power of attorney ) will meet in person at the local real estate office for the transfer of title deeds. This process usually takes only an hour and a representative is on site during the process. Foreign buyers are required to have an official translator present to certify enrollment. Buyer shall by law have paid taxes and fees before the finally deed is signed. Once all parties have signed , the process ends and the sale is complete. Signing of this document means that the property and the ownership has now been transferred to the new buyer and the buyer will be registered in the Land Registry . Upon transfer of the title deed , the full price must have been paid to the seller.

Deed - Tapu

Tapu Tapu or Senedi is the Turkish name of title deed, which is a legal document that shows that you have title to the property.
The owner's full name and photograph and detailed information is provided in this document .


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