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About Alanya

About Alanya


 In the year 1207 Antalya was conquered by the Seldshuks - they already had established a state with Konya as its capital in central Anatolia. So the access to the Mediterranean was guaranteed and a unparalleled time of prosperity in the region began.
One of the biggest sovereigns of the Seldshuks was Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I., who recognized the strategic importance of the city of Kalonoros very soon, He started his first campaign after his accession to the throne to this city and conquered it. At this time Kalonoros was controlled by the Christian family of the Kyr Vart. Two months he was resisting the siege of the Seldschuks, before he resigned to prevent a massacre. 


Bizarre legends curl round the conquest of the castle. They say the sultan had a dream how to conquer the castle of Alanya with the help of Allah: He ordered to collect all goats and cattle from the farmers around, let them put burning straw bundles to the horns and let them run up the mountain, followed by his soldiers with "Allah! Allah!" shouting out loud. 

Kyr Vart as a result was frightened to death and wated to give up, if everyone in the castle would be free. This was guaranteed to him and he went to Konya where the sultan married the daughter of the Kyr Vart who passed to the Islamic belief and was called Mah-Peri. 

Sultan Keykubat named the city of "Alaiye", made it to his winter quarters and the second capital of the Seldshuks country- Alaiye was the harbour city of the capital Konya. By his various cultural interests he made Alaiye to a culture city and commercial town. Two of the biggest landmarks of the city, the red tower and the Old shipyard where built in this time. After the decline of the seldschuks empire the region was included in 1471 to the Ottoman empire. Together with Tarsus Alaiye belonged 1571 to Cyprus, in 1864 again to Konya and since 1868 to Antalya or to this province.

Alaiye - Alanya

To the current name came Alanya by a small anecdote: in 1933 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the Turkish coast. A radio officer translated the Morse symbols for "Alaiye" wrongly into "Alanya" - Atatürk enjoyed the sound oft this name and so the mayor of Alaiye decided to call the city from now on Alanya. 

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